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Joint call 2: Gasification (2007)

In the framework of ERA-NET Bioenergy, the second joint call was launched on June 1st 2007 for proposals on the topic “Gasification: cleaning and treatment of product gas from biomass gasifiers”. Seven countries participated with their national programmes in this coordinated activity: Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom. In the end 6 proposals were funded for a total budget of 3.3 million euro. Presentations about the results were held at the final seminar in Lyon, May 5th 2010.

List of funded projects

1. Tar removal from low-temperature gasifiers (Tar removal)

  • Energy Research Centre Netherlands (ECN) (NL, coordinator)
  • Dahlman (NL)
  • Dall Energy (DK)
  • Danish Technical University (DK)
  • Danish Fluid Bed Technology (DK)
  • Anhydro (DK)

2. Energy efficient selective reforming of hydro carbons

  • Chalmers University of Technology (SE, coordinator)
  • Scandinavian Energy Project AB (SE)
  • Göteborg Energi (SE)
  • Danish Technical University (DK)

3. Development of a photoionization detection technique for on-line measurement of biomass tar concentrations (Tar online)

  • Biomass Technology Group (NL, coordinator)
  • Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) (SE)

4. Cleaning and treatment of Product Gas from biomass gasifiers optimisation of the H2:CO - ratio in synthesis gases for the production of 2nd generation biofuels (OptiBtL)

  • Technical University Vienna (AT, coordinator)
  • REPOTEC Environmental Technologies ltd (AT)
  • Biomass Power Plant Güssing ltd (AT)
  • CUTEC Institut ltd (DE)
  • H.C. Starck ltd (DE)

5. Mop Fan and Electrofilter: an innovative approach to cleaning product gases from biomass gasification (Mop fan)

  • Technische Universität Berlin (DE, coordinator)
  • AEROB-BETH Filtration GmbH (DE)
  • University of Nottingham (UK)

6. Intensification of Syngas Cleaning and Hydrogen Separation (Synclean)

  • Institut für Mikrotechnik Mainz GmbH (DE, coordinator)
  • Newcastle University (UK)
  • ITI Energy Ltd. (UK)