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Joint call 11: Bioenergy - smart and flexible energy system

The 11th Joint Call in the framework of ERA-NET Bioenergy was launched on October 10th 2016 for proposals on the topic “Bioenergy as part of a smart and flexible energy system”.

Bioenergy is a form of renewable energy that, if produced sustainably, saves greenhouse gas emissions. As bioenergy feedstocks are storable, bioenergy can be produced constantly and is a reliable source of energy. The European Council in 2007 adopted ambitious energy and climate change objectives for 2020 – to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% (rising to 30% if the conditions are right), to increase the share of renewable energy to 20%, and to make a 20% improvement in energy efficiency. The European Parliament has continuously supported these goals.

The promotion of “Bioenergy as part of a smart and flexible energy system“ is vital to decrease Europe’s dependency on fossil-based raw materials; taking into account, that it is not only important to maintain and increase the amount of renewable resources that can be harvested on a sustainable basis, but also to use the available biomass as efficiently as possible. Bioenergy solutions can also be important in stabilising the electricity grid with increasing amounts of variable renewable energy production. This call will thus support national as well as EU strategies. In this joint call, ERA-NET Bioenergy and BESTF3 aim to jointly fund innovative, transnational research, development and innovation (R&D&I) projects in the field of bioenergy focussing on technology readiness levels 2-5.

The public funding for the call will be provided by the 6 participating national funding organisations from Austria, Finland, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland.

The submission of proposals follows a 2-step procedure. Step 1 is the pre-proposal phase. Consortia who pass the first evaluation stage are invited to submit their full proposals. More details can be found in the call text