Joint Call: Biogas and Energy Crops

Innovations in biogas production and sustainable biomass for energy purposes


Within the framework of the

6th Joint Call for Research and Development Proposals of the ERA-NET Bioenergy,

the coordination and cooperation of national/regional research activities in the areas of biogas and energy crops will be promoted. 

The public funding for the call is provided by the 7 participating national funding organisations from Germany, Ireland, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom.






1. Innovative biogas production. Focal points include e.g. pre-treatment technologies, unexploited substrates, measurement/control, upgrading, management of digestate

2. Sustainable biomass for energy purposes. Focal points include e.g. optimisation of existing and new crops by way of plant breeding or cultivation techniques, breeding and cultivation for cascading uses, harvesting/storage technologies.




Kick-off seminar of the 6th ERA-NET Bioenergy Joint Call

On 7th March 2013, the kick-off seminar for the 6th ERA-NET Bioenergy Joint Call on biogas and energy crops was organised in Stockholm. 


All presentations of the kick-off seminar can be found at the section with events.


Call documents and links

Call text



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