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10th joint call ERA-NET Bioenergy
The 10th Joint Call in the framework of ERA-NET Bioenergy was launched on October 12th 2015 for proposals on the topic “Biobased Economy”. Proposals may focus on different bioenergy value chains or energy uses (heating/cooling, electricity, transport biofuels), but in all cases, the question of economic, environmental and social sustainability of the concept/value chain must be addressed in the proposal.

The public funding for the call will be provided by the 5 participating national funding organisations from Austria, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The submission of proposals follows a 2-step procedure. Step 1 is the pre-proposal phase. Step 2 is the full proposal phase. Pre-proposals which have passed the first evaluation stage are now invited to submit a full proposal.

The complete call text and the pre-proposal submission form can be found at the section of Joint Call 10.


ERA-NET Bioenergy - Pulling bioenergy research together

Welcome to ERA-NET Bioenergy! Here you can find background information and project descriptions on bioenergy research.

The European strategy for renewable energy sources identifies bioenergy as the most important renewable energy source for the future: a source of cleaner, more secure and sustainable power for Europe. Bioenergy is a highly diverse area: agricultural residues and dedicated energy crops, municipal waste and landfill sites can all provide biogas for heat, power and transport fuel; and forestry residues are used to produce heat and electricity. As national programmes fund 90% of bioenergy research in Europe, coordinating them will improve outcomes. In ERA-NET Bioenergy, national ministries and agencies that own or manage bioenergy research programmes work together in order to improve cost-effectiveness and ensure the maximum research impacts for this vital energy sector. More about ERA-NET Bioenergy.

ERA-NET Bioenergy has been active since October 2004. Until December 2010, it was funded by the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission. Since January 2011, ERA-NET Bioenergy is a self-sustained network organised on a membership basis.

On these pages, you will find information on the members of ERA-NET Bioenergy, our joint calls for R&D proposals and the resulting research projects.

In case your ministry or funding agency is interested in becoming part of our network, please contact the ERA-NET secretariat.